"This has been an especially difficult winter for us and we have been thankful to our Parkhurst team for making sure our dining facilities were open daily. Parkhurst associates have slept on campus or stayed at nearby hotels to ensure that they could be here in the morning to open up on time. Managers have picked up employees who couldn't get to campus because public transportation was shut down or severely delayed due to weather. The Parkhurst team has spent time away from their families to serve our community and we are very thankful for their dedication."
~ Jennifer Wood, Loyola University Maryland, Director of Campus Services


"A recent student article gave Loyola dining a 'thumbs down', asking, 'why do you make the food so good? I’m eating too much and gaining weight!', Parkhurst has gone beyond my expectations. More and more students are signing up for the board plan, and dining participation increases each week. If preparing the food too good is the only complaint, we are in excellent hands!" 

~ Mark Broderick, Loyola University Maryland, Director of Student Activities


"Parkhurst is a culinary-focused food service management provider that values quality, personalized guest services, professional catering experience and, just as important, an organization that makes a difference in the community.” 
~ Dave DiPetro, Duquesne University, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services.


Foodservice Director Magazine Names Parkhurst at Highmark As One of the Healthiest Dining Venues

“Our goal is to build a healthy partnership between Parkhurst and Highmark Delaware that will focus on the health and wellness of our employees. Our employees should have a place to dine where they can eat healthy food that tastes great and is prepared from scratch.” 
~ Rob DiDonato, Manager, Office Services